Simple, Non-Denominational Christianity


Non-Denominational Christianity

Just over two hundred years ago, people from various denominational backgrounds began to ask, “Why do we differ since we all follow the same Bible?”  The answers to that and other questions lead to what has been called the Reformation Movement.  The various denominations which grew from the Reformation Movement (15th and 16th centuries AD) sought to either REFORM the Roman Catholic church or to establish other churches in “protest” of the Catholic church.  These denominations are termed “Protestant churches.”

The RESTORATION movement sought NOT to REFORM the Roman Catholic church, NOR TO PROTEST against it.  The RESTORATION movement sought, instead to RESTORE the original church as Jesus built it.  In so doing, the Biblical scholars sought to cast aside the teachings of men in various denominational catechisms, confessions of faith, books of common prayers and handbooks, and simply follow the scriptures as our only guide to faith and service to God and man.

This restoration movement gave birth to modern day churches of Christ.  Today, our goal and our plea is the same, return to simple, New Testament Christianity.  In doing so, we follow the Bible as God’s inerrant word.  We seek to understand the scriptures in their proper context and to properly apply them to a confused, disoriented, and lost world.

When men and women follow the scriptures they become disciples of Christ, they learn to treat others as they want to be treated (Matthew 7:12), and they learn to follow the laws of their society (as commanded of all faithful Christians in Romans 13:1-7).