Meet our New Preacher and his family

Hello! I am Brian Williams, the new preacher at Bayfield Church of Christ. My wife’s name is Tammy and we have been married for 21 years. We have 4 kids – Hannah, Addison, Lincoln, and Harrison. Tammy and I grew up together in Michigan where we were high school sweet hearts, got married and had our girls. Then, we moved to Searcy, Arkansas so I could go to school at Harding University to pursue a degree in ministry. In Arkansas we had our boys.
Before preaching, I served at the Cloverdale Church of Christ in Searcy, where I interned and then was later hired as a youth minister. I was at Cloverdale for 14 years. In addition to this, we were foster parents, having over 30 little ones come through our home. We are currently working on being certified in Colorado so we can continue to serve this way. Finally, for the past two years we worked for a gym in Searcy as fitness instructors. We taught a variety of classes to help people achieve their fitness goals. It was a very rewarding ministry with a lot of success.
We love the outdoors, sports, fitness, and running. We also enjoy being together, watching movies and relaxing. We are excited to be in Colorado and serving the Bayfield church. Both of our girls stayed in Arkansas where Hannah is in her sophomore year at Harding and Addison is pursuing her passion for yoga. We are very proud of both of them!
Please feel free to stop in and get to know us and join us in serving the Bayfield community.
God bless!

~ Brian